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What we believe

Our Redeemer is a member of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, a Christian denomination with roots that date back to the Christian Reformation of the 16th century. Today we continue to stand fast on the same truths found in the Bible that led reformers like Martin Luther to proclaim that we are saved by God’s grace (His undeserved love) only through our faith in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Home Bible Study

The Board of Education is pleased to announce a new program for all the members of ORLC. This program is a Bible Study conducted in the homes of participating members.

There will be two sessions in order to accommodate differences in personal schedules.

Additional sessions will be scheduled in response to the numbers of participants.

Questions? Contact Ayres Cermin at 940-228-5837.

Youth Meeting

Join the Board of Elders on Wednesday August 20th at 6:30 pm to discuss our short term and long term plans for the ORLC Youth Program and Director(s).

This meeting is primarily for members with children of all ages, and of course all members are welcome for the discussion and survey.

Please encourage all Senior Youth to attend this meeting as we are most interested in their input and leadership.

Old Lutheran Tidbit

Go to Pericope’s page.


Do you know the story told by our Sanctuary’s Stained Glass?

Click on the thumbnail image above to see an enlargement that tells what the two side panels express, as well as the triptych arch that surrounds our Chancel.

Loosely based on the ‘Te Deum’ or Song of the Church.