Web Stewardship

ORLC Cross Installation | It's a Digital WorldWhen we recently suspended the new massive cross in the Sanctuary, we used a Smart Phone Bubble Level app to make sure the cable lengths were equal….it is a digital world folks.

The following is taken from the final Newsletter’s front page: “But while the newsletter now comes to an end, that doesn’t mean that our members and guests will no longer receive information about upcoming activities at church. Instead, important news will now be shared in different formats. From expanded announcements in the bulletins to a new and improved website, from regular emails to calendars, etc. being available on the Information Table, we will do all that we can to ensure that everyone is fully up-to-date with all that’s happening at ORLC.”

First Issue

Please note, the current home page content is a cut-n-paste from the final newsletter which will become out-dated pretty soon.

As most of us know, a common and inexcusable problem with some websites is OUT-DATED content.

In an effort to avoid burdening Pastor and Staff with keeping this content up to date please give me your comments and suggestions for a ‘stock’ home page bit of content that we can put in place whenever we have no new home page content.

The home page should contain:

  • Church description
  • Church features
  • News and Events
  • Member Interaction
  • Potential Member Interaction
  • Graphics (eye candy)

Having a great homepage is vital to retaining visitors and getting them to explore the rest of the content on a site. Remember that new visitors decide whether or not a site is worthy of their time within 8 seconds.

Many thanks to the Outreach Board for completing the New Member folder project….your contribution has been included in the new site.

Web Stewardship Agenda

The above Home Page content issue is the only time-sensitive issue we face. Everything else is simply a discussion, task assignment, and content publishing.

Web Content Submission

You may submit small amounts of content online using the form below, or you may email us your content. If you attach a Word document with textual content to an email, please attach images separatetly in the email. Do not insert images in to the Word document.

Use this Form or Email Us Content for Your Web Page