Vision for Kenya


Vision for Kenya congregations, in partnership with LCMS World Mission, are striving to build strategic partnerships for the sake of the gospel. The Vision for Kenya invites other congregations to join them in this effort to “use the Great Commandment to accomplish the Great Commission.” Our model is to sponsor health clinics that draw large crowds to various sites in Kenya, often one thousand people a day; each client entering the clinic receives both the gospel message as well as the treatment for his eyes.

Vision for Kenya Goal – “use the Great Commandment to accomplish the Great Commission”


Texas District • Area A • Circuit 7 Info

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church’s Kenya Mission Project was established for the 12 Lutheran Churches of Area A, Circuit 7 in May 2011.

The mission is to test and give proper eye-glasses to people in Kenya while sharing the light of Jesus with them. The goal is to send two mission teams each year from our churches to specific areas of mission in Kenya in conjunction with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya (ELCK) and its member congregations.

In November 2011, we sent a team of volunteers to work alongside another congregation who is doing similar mission work as a learning expedition, and we helped serve 2,000+ people. Since then, we have sent two teams each year to south and southeast Kenya where thousands and thousands have been served.

Along with eye-glasses, the clinics also pay for cataract surgeries, and give antibiotics for eyes (under the direction of a Kenyan doctor) to about half of those who were served.

Plans are now underway to send another team in November of 2014.VisionForKenya2

All twelve congregations work together in many and various ways to fund this mission. Individual congregations have had door offerings, mission festivals, softball tournaments, dinners, auctions, and other activities within the congregations.

We have also sent out a mailer to all the members of these congregations requesting donations for the mission and regularly follow up with those who have donated to this mission in the past.

We also require the people going to find a source of funding for the mission. The amount of this is generally the amount for the plane fare to Kenya.