Mens Group


Cody Moody, our Thrivent Financial Associate will make a presentation on Thrivent’s Action Team Program, and our ongoing development of a relationship with our local Habitat for Humanity.

Here are some details from Thrivent regarding this program:

As a membership organization of Christians we believe that all we have is a gift from God and that generosity is an expression of faith.

That’s why when eligible Thrivent members like you see an unmet need in your community – we are offering you an easy way to take action. It’s called a Thrivent Action Team and you’re invited to lead a team of people to make an immediate impact to help others be wise with money and live generously.

The intent is to bring people together to take action and help others. It’s not about gifting money.

Anyone can join your team. Bring friends, family and your community together to help you with the project.

Hutchins Fence Removal Project
Hutchins Fence Removal Project
Hutchins Fence Removal Project
Hutchins Fence Removal Project
This group is a force to be reckoned with. About sixteen guys showed up for this first Servant Event, as we met in the Church Parking Lot the fellowship began.

We arrived at Doug and Brenda Hutchins’ Home at 8:10am and were pointed in the direction of an old wooden picket fence with its’ posts anchored in concrete. Eddie grabbed a Hi-Lift Jack and Chain, Mark and Lloyd brought in Sledge Hammers. Glenn and Steve brought the Trailer in to the project site. The rest of us grabbed Pry Bars and carried the fence panels to the Trailer.

The project was completed by 9:00am and we closed with ice cold water and a prayer.


April 27, 2014 minutes

The activities and actions of the 4/27 The ORLC Men’s Group were as follows:

  • Eddie Carlton opened the meeting at 5:00
  • Pastor opened with a prayer and the group ate a meal setup by Eddie and David Hill
  • Mark Clemens led a short devotion on Guile or Guilt, based on a ready of Ps. 32:1-5
  • Eddie presented the results of the 3/30 2014 survey dealing with the groups wish for
    possible future activities for the group. See the chart below

  • Mark Clemens presented a first draft of a charter for the Men’s Group. The discussion led to additions and changes that Mark will incorporate for final approval at our next meeting.
  • Our next Men of ORLC meeting will be held on Sunday evening June 15th at 6:00.

We are asking the members to bring a snack and a beverage of you choice to share. The agenda for the meeting will include voting on acceptance of the group’s bylaws, elections of leaders for the balance of the 2014 calendar year and then several tables of different kinds of dominos (42, Mexican train, etc.). Bring your dominos and be ready to go.